Limited edition TruLife™Acrylic

Limited edition TruLifeAcrylic

Own an exclusive artwork of the highest quality!

Although a print on canvas looks good it can not compete of course with a work of museum quality.
Therefore, for the true lover of art, ALL the images of Lars van de Goor can be purchased with this high ‘museum’ quality material and is only available in a limited edition.
Only 10 of these high quality works will ever be produced in this way.


This revolutionary single-sided, anti-reflective, abrasion resistant acrylic, developed specifically for face/second surface mounting and direct printing on the substrate, delivers the highest-resolution viewing experience possible to truly reflect an artist’s vision, and nothing else. It captures the details with lifelike colors, incredible depth, and clarity to show photography and fine art as it was meant to be viewed.








  • Virtually eliminates reflections when face/second surface mounted or directly printed
  • Achieves the most vibrant colors, depth and clarity
  • Blocks up to 99% of UV rays
  • Anti-static properties minimizes dust on the viewing side
  • Durable hard coat protects against scratches
  • Shatter resistance safeguards against injury and damage to artwork
  • Cleans like glass – no special acrylic cleaners needed
  • Proprietary coating is engineered for permanence
Limited available sizes, see some examples.Shipping costs not included.

Size Examples Price
80 x 80 cm € 1550,00
100 x 100 cm € 1850,00
120 x 90 cm €1950,00
150 x 100 cm €2950,00

To order a limited edition or have a question, please send your enquirie to: