Hasselblad Inspire

For me the biggest inspiration is light. The kind of light I encounter determines whether a photo will have the mood I’m looking for or not.

I prefer a slightly foggy/misty morning with a little sunshine and diffuse light. It can be magical and dreamy, and that’s exactly what I’m looking for in my images. Working with Hasselblad’s X1D supreme quality is yet another magical experience.

On Becoming a Hasselblad Master

Knowing that the Hasselblad Masters is one of the most prestigious sets of awards in the business, I slowly came to realise how its value is so much more than that of a normal competition. Just like the ‘Inspire’ theme for the book, winning this prize encouraged me to get the best out of myself. Shooting with a Hasselblad gave me so much detail in the picture that I was able to edit in a very precise way, which came across in the end results: subtle, but noticeable. Making pictures with such a high-class camera inspired me with lots of new ideas.