Creatures of the Forest

Creatures of the Forest

I am sure everyone has seen one in his or her lifetime. If it wasn’t recently it certainly must have been in your childhood.

What can we tell about these creatures of the woodlands.

They are extremely shy and not too fond of people either. It’s not that they don’t like people, but they rather avoid any confrontation. Another thing I discovered is they are living in another kind of reality, they experience life somewhat different than we do. However not so different that we can’t spot each other. And because they are very shy, every time they encounter a human being they freeze in the hope to stay unnoticed. And they stay frozen until nobody is around anymore. Even if you touch or provoke them they won’t respond…at all.

How to spot them

If you walk the forests you sometimes get the feeling someone is looking at you. You look around and over your shoulder, but there is no one there. Well, don’t be fooled. Look again and search for an eye, a pair of eyes or even more. Some do have them at the most unusual places. Not human eyes of course, different kind of eyes. Because of one thing you can be sure, they have eyes. And they are always open, because they want to keep an eye on you.
But don’t be afraid. They are completely harmless and more afraid of you.

Sometimes they are very hard to spot, but you can train your eyes. And once you have spotted one, you will see many more.
And when you do so, remember they are not dangerous, simply shy.
Respect them. They are an essential part of the forest.

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