The May workshop is fully booked. Keep an eye on the next workshop in Autumn 2019

Join our journey through the ancient forests and charming rural landscapes of the East Netherlands, photographing the idyllic country roads and lush farmlands of this timeless setting. Together with award-winning Dutch photographer Lars van der Goor, explore some of the most picturesque locations in the area and get lost in the mystical, foggy forest of the “dancing trees”.


If you want to take just another shot of a popular location, this might not be the workshop you’ re looking for. However, if you believe there is beauty just around the corner and you would like to learn how to capture that beauty and turn even a less succeeded picture into an eye catcher, this workshop could be the one you just need. Not only will we visit and shoot in fabulous forests and enchanting tree lanes. The post processing part will be an interesting and fun part too.

If you are not afraid to leave the rules behind you…and willing to challenge yourself, push your boundaries, this workshop could be just the creative boost you needed.

For a complete detailed overview see the Better Moments website