With Elven Eyes :SOLD-OUT.

Sold Out!

Look through the eyes of Elves and embark on a journey to a magical world of trees filled with surprises and wonder.

Photographer Lars van de Goor found the inspiration for this extraordinary photo picture book in the most characteristic and majestic trees. Now, he hopes to inspire you as well with his fairy-tale images. With Elven Eyes takes you on a magical trip to a world of wonder. The images will tickle your imagination. When leafing through the pages you will discover new things: maybe even things that aren’t there. It’s well worth taking a second look at the trees. Van de Goor’s unmistakable, picturesque style makes this a wonderful collection, to be enjoyed by people of all ages.


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About the book


    • hard cover

    • 30 x 22 cm (± 12 x 8 inch)

    • 160 pages

    • page-filling images, for optimal experience

    • part 1, the trees seen through elven eyes

    • part 2, the trees seen through human eyes + locations

    • all images have been photographed, there are no drawings in the book

    • a journey of discovery for both young and old

    • an ideal book to browse through with your (grand)child

    • the perfect gift

Wow Lars, what  an amazing, beautiful, and highly inspiring book!

The Worlds of The Hobbit and Harry Potter immediately came to mind:-) 
Who live in those trees, behind the doors and the windows one wonders. 
I could write my own story as you invite the readers to do, but I also look forward to show the book to my grandchildren to hear their views - 
what stories do they get from your pictures? It is indeed a world of magic you have created! 

I love your ability to create pictures, and the merging of your two interests; trees and old doors and window frames make clear sense. 
Your book is the kind one will return to again and again. To explore particular pictures, their 'content', the angle at which a particular photo was taken, and not least its editing.   

The photos are like paintings and I cannot imagine the number of hours you must have spent editing them - 
not to mention the countless number of hours it must have taken you to so thoroughly master Photoshop or whichever program/s you use for editing. 
The inclusion of the Human Eye section is great.  

I look forward to your next book!
Svend Erik Ladefoged

With Elven Eyes: we could all use some magic in our lives

This photo picture book came about thanks to some developments in my career as a photographer. When I started taking photos in 2007, I considered every theme and each subject interesting enough to capture. Soon, I discovered the beautiful, long tree lanes around Amsterdam. And not long after that I was working in many of the gorgeous Dutch forests. Trees, forests and lanes became the central theme in my work. Soon, my style and compositions started getting noticed: within a few years I received the first honourable mentions. The crowning glory on my work was winning the very prestigious international Hasselblad Masters Award 2016, in the category Landscape and Nature.

After a decade of taking dreamy, magical forest pictures, I had caught the best locations in the most beautiful light in Holland. It was time to push my boundaries. So my wife and I decided to give up our house and start living in a mobile home. That would significantly increase my range of work. And it would breathe new life into my photography. Or so I thought.

I was used to live in an attractive environment and just wait for the day that would present the best circumstances for a good photo. And while being on the road means you get to see many beautiful things and discover new places, it is no guarantee for a good picture. I am not the kind of photographer who meticulously plans where and when the circumstances will be the best. I want to keep on working the way I once started: playfully and without any expectation. In that space, anything can arise.

We wandered through magical forests and captured very eccentric and magnificent trees. And after two years of travel, I had an enormous amount of pictures. But with this method of photography, you need a little luck when it comes to the ideal lighting. And even though we returned to my favourite locations time and again, we had no such luck.

There I was, with hundreds of photos of beautiful trees that were absolutely worth to be seen at their best, with the best lighting. But because I did not succeed, it was a treasure without value. I felt that it was time for something new, but I did not know what.

Then one day the thought occurred to me to combine the trees with another one of my favourite subjects: extraordinary old doors. During our travels, my wife and I visited many towns and villages. And I could never resist capturing a pretty old door or gate. So in addition to a series of old, characteristic trees, I also had quite a collection of remarkable doors.

click and drag slider from left to right or right to left to see the before and after

One and one make two: I decided to start experimenting by fusing the trees and doors into a new, fairy-tale whole. I embarked on the project with playfulness, and during the editing process I discovered this gave me even more pleasure than taking the photos. It was an endless process of searching, fitting and measuring. I spent hours on the smallest details, only to discard it afterwards. But the joy it brought me, gave me motivation and new inspiration. The result you have in front of you.

I hope this book will take you on a magical journey that will pique your imagination.


“We live in a world where everything happens fast. We scroll through pictures on  Instagram  at high speed, for example. We never dwell on an image for long. This book invites you to take your time. To look, to discover more, and to become completely absorbed by the image. It will bring your wild and childlike imagination back to life.”


!shipping may be delayed due to busy times at the postal service!