Irati & Bardenas

Irati & Bardenas

Irati 2018

I wrote my last blog on my website in the first days of 2019 while staying for six weeks in a lovely small French village. There I could work on my pictures in all peace. Traveling is great, but also exhausting. When it comes to pictures and traveling I discovered I am not a very motivated writer. I always choose to work on my images instead. So not many words will be spend here. 

My goal is to get everything up to date, so here is the first quick overview.

After Scotland 2018, we were back for a brief period in the Netherlands to visit friends and family. We soon had to leave again for Spain to meet Janek Sedlar who was making a documentary about me and the way we are living as nomads. He joined us in the Irati and stayed for some weeks. Autumn had just kicked in.

During our drives over the Pyrenees between France and Spain we found a beautiful old abandoned weapon factory.

Real Fábrica de Armas de Eugi

And of course beautiful hills in autumnal colors


After the Irati we traveled to Bardenas Realis

The Bardenas Reales is a semi-desert natural region, or badlands, of some 42,000 hectares (420 km2; 104,000 acres) in southeast Navarre (Spain). The soils are made up of clay, chalk and sandstone and have been eroded by water and wind creating surprising shapes, canyons, plateaus, tabular structures and isolated hills, called cabezos. Bardenas Reales lacks urban areas, vegetation is scarce and the many streams that cross the territory have a markedly seasonal flow, staying dry most of the year. Wiki






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