Well….not at all

We just start to get the hang of it 🙂

Living and traveling and in my case working in a mobile home takes some time to get it all running smoothly. One of the most important issues we came across is electricity. Despite we have a solar panel and different transformers, things like laptop, iPad, mobile phones and most of all camera batteries need lots of it. We can manage to go off grid for 4 days, but after that we need to drive or find some external electricity esp. when it isn’t a bright sunny day.
Wild camping here in Spain seems to be no problem so far.
The weather is still warm and fall is slowly starting and we are looking forward to that.

Magical Areas

So far on our trip we have spotted three magical areas:

  • Cauterets, France, French Pyrenees;
  • Playa Gueirua near Santa Marina in Spain;
  • And last but not least, a very magical forest of which I keep the name and place for myself for the moment and there might be a chance I will give a workshop there next year.

Today I start with a series taken near the Pont d’Espagne.
When you’re lucky there might be hanging a cloud on the top, which adds even more magic to the place.

Pont d’Espagne is a stone-built bridge that spans the Gave de Marcadau at the point where it meets the Gave de Gaube, near one of its sources high in the French Pyrenees. It is at an altitude of approx 1500m. The name translates as Spanish Bridge. The bridge used to join Spain and France through the mountains.

There is magic in that place

Just a couple of minutes from Cauterets you can take beautiful hikes which leads you along several cascades and you can walk from there up to the Pont d’ Espagne.

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