Soto de Agues

Soto de Agues

A beautiful old village mixed with old and new houses, from new to almost ramshackle

We stayed several nights on the parking lot. And often we were the only ones. During the weekends more people would stay overnight in their camper vans and do one of the many walks in the morning.

Ruta del Alba

One of the most famous routes is Ruta del Alba. Almost the entire route is paved which is perfect for family walks.¬†Although very nice and easy too, it’s not wild enough for us.

Halfway the route we encountered this pink/purple building, a bunker I think.

Back to the Village

Although the weather was rainy most days we were here, we had one sunny afternoon. Annemarie was sipping the local cider, it only comes per bottle, at a terrace and I went with my Hassie to shoot some of the old houses and barns.

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