Get to know us

Get to know us

Dear friends, dearest friends and family


We, Lars and Annemarie will soon start a new way of living. It’s only a few days now!
September 2017 we will exchange our home in Lochem, the Netherlands for a mobile one, in which we will travel through several countries in Europe.

So for whom is this blog

  • For all who are interested in traveling and love the light;
  • For all who like to follow my photographic work and want to stay updated with my latest images;
  • For all who are interested in our travel experiences and are curious how it is to live like a nomad,
  • For those who love the magic of life!
    We believe our journey will be an adventure and one we like to share with you and even hope to inspire you.

As style and content needs time to grow we would love to see some feedback from you as well as some great tips for me to shoot 😉

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